We are a diverse group of design professionals that share a fundamental respect for the expertise achieved with a team approach.

We are driven by the desire to lead a creative and inclusive design process where our work can elevate and enrich people’s lives.

Since our founding in 1970, we have transformed and evolved the historic Bovey mansion near downtown Minneapolis into studio spaces that reflect our practice and our team-based design culture.

Impassioned design discussions, fierce Ping-Pong tournaments, and spontaneous celebrations all coexist in our dynamic workplace. We honor our glorious Minnesota summers with weekly cookouts on our rooftop deck. And like any good barbeque—our clients, colleagues, family, and friends are always welcome.

Our client is our compass

Our engagement process reveals our clients’ needs and desires, getting to the essence of the design challenge. We thrive on the exchange of ideas and we are open to new approaches. Challenge us, and we will conceive something even greater.


Teamwork is in our DNA

In our complex industry, no one succeeds alone. That is why our name Alliiance has “ally” at its root, the forging of a common pursuit to mutual benefit. This concept of allied partnership has been at our core since our inception. We believe diverse perspectives, and active, engaged cooperation, stimulate functional, creative, and enduring solutions.


A place for all

Today’s culture is undergoing rapid change, driven by technological advances, evolving demographics, and new social challenges that are creating new models of engagement. Our design solutions are both a response to, and an agent for, this evolution. Our team philosophy fosters inclusive processes within our firm, for our clients, and within the broader community, enhancing our ability to help our clients to succeed in creating safe and welcoming places for all.

Alliiance turned 50!

In a time when unity is more important than ever, Alliiance is celebrating 50 years of uniting people and place through design. Our success is due to the friendships, connections, and partnerships we have had with our community of colleagues, clients, and collaborators. Along the way, these relationships have given us the opportunity to share ideas, work on fulfilling projects together, and plan for the future.