Syngenta, Inc.




Corporate offices, research and technical facilities


12,000 sf – 235,000 sf

Our relationship with Syngenta reaches around the globe, beginning with our design of their award winning regional seeds headquarters in Minnetonka, MN. This is a unique client, where significant focus is put on linking together corporate and brand values, the community and the collaborative nature of the organization.

Their world-wide facilities are supported and nurtured by Syngenta’s Global Workplace Strategy – developed by us – which at its core sets goals and protocols for varied workspace types to become an effective work tool that physically aligns its real estate solutions with the company’s values. Engaging the design process from an inside-out point of view, this strategy communicates and supports the well-being of each employee, the unique work requirements of a particular location and the broader community, and Syngenta.

Current projects include Syngenta’s multi-year implementation of the RTP Innovation Center in North Carolina, research facilities in Russia, the Caribbean, their Woodlands, California farm operations center and an engineering office in Des Moines, Iowa.