Louisville International Airport (SDF)


Louisville International Airport


Louisville, KY


Terminal Enhancement & Renovation


150,000 sf

The Louisville International Airport undertook a comprehensive interior enhancement, remodeling, and branding project that impacted 150,000 square feet of the terminal and concourses.

The project highlights the goals set forth by the airport. The pragmatic goals of the project included updating the interiors with new durable finishes that harmonize with the existing facility, increasing amenity spaces (work hubs, lounge-like areas, meditation rooms) that support the diverse needs of the passengers, and facilitating the redevelopment of the concessions program. Creative goals included developing an authentic identity and sense of place that was integrated into the refreshed interiors. In addition, a new logo and visual identity system was developed that harmonizes with the interior design and communicates both sense of place and the airport’s aspirational values.

The resulting project refreshed, or replaced, most interior finishes, integrated art, and incorporated community storytelling. The design ultimately was a modest intervention with a big impact. The design leveraged new terrazzo flooring as a key element in expressing these aspirational ideas and telling the story of Louisville. The pattern and accent areas are inspired by industry, iconic images, notions of flight all while giving a nod to the airport and city’s past. “Story Spaces” in key areas capture the diversity, vibrancy, and personality of Louisville resulting in a passenger experience that is meaningful and memorable.