Lake Minnetonka in Wayzata, MN


Restaurant, lounge & patio, roof-top bar


8,000 sf

Situated in the historic Boatworks Building, this restaurant is on its way to prove that 4 times really is the charm. Redeveloped as office and retail space nearly 2 decades ago, this particular venue has had its share of opened and closed restaurants. Sitting empty again, it was waiting for a man and his wife – who between them had the vision and guts to pull this all off.

Recognizing the confluence of knowledgeable customers expecting well-crafted food and drink experiences in authentic surroundings, 6Smith brings what could be described as an urban experience to this well-heeled suburban enclave.

Integral to this design solution was the archeology in rediscovering the building’s industrial guts – concrete, steel, boat rails and industrial brick. The building’s structural grid became the planning module, intuitively straight-forward and once again full-face towards beautiful Lake Minnetonka. The supportive material pallet continues with steel, oiled woods and warm upholstery. Done but not over-done, it raises anticipations for a well-crafted experience.